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Gastric band hypnosis and CBT

You can successfully lose weight and keep it off: gastric band hypnosis and CBT

In the United States, 39.8% of the population is obese and affects 93.3 million adults (Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, 2019) .

In France, obesity has risen to 15.7% of the adult population, affecting 7 million people; all other French adults are overweight, all ages (Planétoscope, 2019) .

(Roche, 2012)

Brittany has one of the lowest obesity rates in France, but it has steadily increased, roughly doubling in the last 20 years.

Successful weight loss treatment: gastric band hypnosis and CBT

Yes it works. In a Spanish study of 125 participants receiving gastric band hypnosis treatment, 117 lost weight, with an average weight loss of 9.67 kg; the average weight lost was 1.8 kg per month.

After an average follow-up study about eight months later, 94% of the participants had successfully lost weight. 60% over 5 kg and 30% over 10 kg (Shirren and Shirran, 2013) .

However, two major studies have shown that when hypnosis is combined with CBT techniques for weight loss, participants not only lost an average of 6.75 kg during the study, but also their weight loss. benefits remained stable or even increased over time (Kirsch, 1996).

How it works?

The treatment consists of four sessions; With each hypnotherapy session, key CBT techniques will be included to help you establish more beneficial thoughts and behaviors for weight loss and maintenance.

In the first session, I ask you how you eat now and what you would like to change. We then organize a first hypnosis session to contact your subconscious in order to make sure that our work is coherent and adapted to your needs. I'll give you a recording to work with until our next meeting.

During the second session, under hypnosis, you “meet” your anesthetist and your surgeon, and we also take care of what causes you to overeat, whether for your comfort or your stress.

In the third session, under hypnosis, you will have a virtual “adjusted” gastric band. Our brains are designed not to differentiate between reality and imagination. This will give you a very comfortable “operation” to virtually reduce the size of your stomach and your appetite. From this point on, when you eat, you will feel satisfied much faster!

At the fourth session, about four weeks later, we will have another hypnotherapy session to “adjust” the gastric band, making it narrower or looser as needed.

Make it a success

Many people have the misconception that hypnosis is something that is "done" to them. It is quite the opposite. The clients for whom this treatment is effective are those who are fully committed, who listen to the recordings every day and carry out all the tasks assigned to them; failing to do so means that the treatment will not be as effective as it could be.

However, through real commitment, real change takes place - loss of appetite for fatty foods, forgotten need to snack and, of course, weight loss.


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