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Coffee and anxiety

Typical features of excessive caffeine consumption include palpitations, tachycardia, nausea, irritability, restlessness, and insomnia.

In most people, 50-200 mg of caffeine will produce a measurable physiological effect.

With the amounts shown below, it's easy to see how people can consume amounts of caffeine that lead them to experience similar physical effects or interpreted as anxiety. The amounts should be reduced gradually, as one of the common symptoms of caffeine withdrawal is a severe headache.

Brewed coffee 235 ml 95-200 mg of caffeine

Decaffeinated coffee 235 ml 2-12 mg of caffeine

Espresso 30 ml 47-75 mg of caffeine

Decaffeinated espresso 30 ml 0-15 mg of caffeine

Instantaneous 235 ml 27-173 mg of caffeine

Instant decaffeinated 235 ml 27-173 mg of caffeine

Latte 235 ml 63-175 mg of caffeine

Tea 190 ml 33-50 mg of theine

Drinking chocolate 200 ml 1.1-8.2 mg of caffeine

Cola (normal or lite) 330 ml 11-70 mg of caffeine

So-called energy drinks 250 ml 28-87 mg of caffeine

Chocolate tablet 50 g 5.5-35.5 mg of caffeine


There are three methods by which caffeine is extracted from coffee, the first two using chemicals that are poisonous in high doses.

The third method is done with plain water. La Brûlerie in Auray sells decaffeinated coffee made by this method ; organic stores should also do the same.


Caffeine and theine are known for their arousing effects. It is the same molecule, however, the arousal effects of tea are noticeably different from those of coffee.

To dehine your traditional tea, just let it steep for about 30 seconds, then throw in this water, then infuse it again. Indeed, the longer the infusion, the richer the tea will be in theine. This process should thus eliminate more than half of the theine, while retaining the flavors of your tea.

The caffeine / theine difference ?

The oxidized polyphenols contained in tea bind the effect of theine. This means that the theine is released into the bloodstream over a period of 6 to 8 hours and in a uniform manner.

The caffeine will be released quickly, producing a peak in intensity that will immediately fall over a period of 2 to 3 hours.

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