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10 positive self-suggestions to make self-hypnosis work for you

Self-hypnosis is not difficult to learn and there are plenty of books and other resources to learn it, like my own free online course. *

Find appropriate positive self-suggestions

However, once trained, those new to hypnosis often struggle to find the right type of autosuggestion. Here's a list to get you started.

Choose one of the following statements, and practice saying it to yourself in a way that you find really interesting. Say it out loud, and make sure you don't mechanically repeat the phrase, but make it meaningful to you.

Then put yourself in hypnosis, relax, make your hypnotic state even deeper by counting again, then repeat your chosen phrase, at least five times, even ten times if you wish. Each time you say it, try to imagine it and believe the words more and more strongly.

  1. My memory improves every day and I can give my full attention to tasks.

  2. I feel more and more calm, relaxed and confident. I can do it.

  3. Every day, in all ways, I'm getting better and better.

  4. I live in the present and my actions are consistent with my own values.

  5. I see things more and more in perspective and I am more and more calm and balanced.

  6. Every day I am more comfortable and confident in all situations.

  7. Every day I think, feel, walk and speak more and more like the person I want to be.

  8. I speak with others calmly, with confidence and with determination; more and more others like to listen to me.

  9. I am in control of my life now and I am making better and better decisions.

  10. Every day I have a deeper and deeper understanding of myself and I live more intensely and with greater awareness of myself.

I am offering a three part self hypnosis video training course at this link.

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